Welcome to the Worldwide Outfitter & Guides Association -- your industry insider for liability insurance.

WOGA Offers:

  • Liability Insurance to Members Customized for Outfitters and Guides
  • Insurance that Meets State Requirements for All Aspects of Your Business
  • No Obligation Unless You Qualify for and Want Insurance Through WOGA
  • Financing for Your Premium
Risk Classes Insured:


Experience the benefits of WOGA membership today.
Submit a risk to our experienced specialty underwriters.
View our extensive list of risk classes available for coverage.
Report a claim and let us assist you through the process.

Do you have hobbies, volunteer work, or moonlighting work that could leave you exposed to personal liability? Don't leave yourself open to an individual lawsuit--visit XINSURANCE.COM to get your custom personal liability coverage today, or contact us for a free review of your liability!


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