Preeminent Outfitters and Guides Support and Endorse Prime, WOGA & Lloyd’s

Preeminent Outfitters and Guides Support and Endorse Prime, WOGA & Lloyd’s

“Exum Mountain Guides is proud to choose WOGA for our insurance needs. We have used WOGA since 1986 and find the relationship informative, supportive, and a true partnership. Periodically throughout the time period we have priced insurance from other carriers and have found quotes for lower premiums but believe WOGA to be the best choice because of the stable market they have reliably provided for 26 years.”

Nat Patridge, President- Exum Mountain Guides

“Holiday River Expeditions has never needed to look elsewhere for insurance.”

“During the past 25 plus years the guides and outfitter liability market has had more than one moment of crisis where finding anybody to write the coverage was a very real problem. Whenever the times got rough the insurer that defined this marketplace was there offering a product and protection that didn’t put us out of business. Prime does more than sell you insurance. They help manage the risk with back office resources ready to help you in the event of a claim and more often how to avoid a claim all together. There is no relationship in our outfitting business that we value more.”

John S Wood, President – Holiday River Expeditions

“Berkshire Horseback Adventures has used Worldwide Outfitters and Guides for over 8 years. We have found them to be professional, responsive, and affordable. Early on in our business it was difficult to find an insurer that understood our business which is trail rides and camping trips. A local agent discovered that there was in fact a group who understood our needs. That group was WOGA and we have been with them ever since.”

David Roche, Owner- Berkshire Horseback Adventures

“We’ve been insured with WOGA for 10 plus years. We operate so many different types of guided tours, it was important for us to find a company who could cover us for a variety of outdoor activities. WOGA provides flexible coverage and meets all of our service requests. It’s a valued partnership because they consider our reputation and safety history as a company and it gives us customized coverage for our operation.”

Becky Janes, Owner/Guide- Alaska Boat & Kayak Center

“We’ve been insuring helicopter ski services through WOGA for over 20 years and would not consider insuring with anyone else. Your commitments to insuring responsible outfitters as well as providing risk management education as well as excellent client services set WOGA apart. We appreciate all you have done for the business and industry over the years to skillfully manage our liability insurance needs.”

Rusty Dassing- Wasatch Powerbird Guides, Inc.

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Rick Lindsey

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